GoXam 1.1 beta

Significant new features since 1.0:

  • Added several new samples: Planogram, FDLayout, GLayout, TLayout, LDLayout
  • Added Diagram.SelectionChanged event (this is more convenient than using the Diagram.SelectedParts.CollectionChanged event)
  • Added GridPattern panel class (GridShape is now obsolete in GoWPF)
  • Added Diagram.GridVisible, GridPattern, GridPatternTemplate properties
  • Most layout properties are now implemented as dependency properties, so that you can data-bind them
  • Added LayoutManager.Initial property, defaulting to LayoutInitial.InvalidateIfNodesUnlocated (this avoids a diagram layout if a diagram is loaded with all of the nodes having a Location)
  • Added MultiLayout.Arrangement, ArrangementOrigin, and ArrangementSpacing properties (supports different parts of a diagram having different layouts without using Groups)
  • Models and the PartManager now support dynamically changing the category of node data and link data; a change of category causes any existing Node or Link to be discarded and a new one created for the data
  • Added Part.DropOntoBehavior attached dependency property, for use by the DraggingTool (for example, set this Group property to AddsToGroup to let users add and remove members using simple drag-and-drop)
  • Added Part.IsDropOntoAccepted dependency property, for use by the DraggingTool (use this to customize the appearance of a node during a drag-and-drop)
  • Added DraggingTool.DropOntoEnabled property (to enable the above behaviors)
Note that the kit for Silverlight 4 is meant to work with VS2010 beta 2, not VS2010 RC, because Silverlight 4 support for the RC version is not yet public.

New features especially for Silverlight 4:

  • Added PrintManager class (similar to that for WPF)
  • Added DiagramPanel.OnMouseRightButtonDown and ...Up
  • Added DiagramTool.IsRightButtonDown virtual method
  • Added non-routed commands as properties of CommandHandler, each implementing ICommand. For example:

Of course we're still working on documentation and various bug fixes and minor features.

We will not update our online samples or documentation until we actually release GoXam 1.1, which will probably not be until late-April.

For version 1.1 beta 2 (version 1.1.1.x):

Added GroupPanel.SurroundsMembersAfterDrop property, to allow the user to drag nodes out of a Group that uses a GroupPanel without having the GroupPanel continuously resize

Added DiagramTool.MouseEnabled property, to cause CanStart to return false

Added DiagramPanel.PerformGesture method and Gesture and GestureModifier enumerations, in order to simulate mouse events using model coordinates

For version 1.1 RC (version 1.1.2.x):

These kits target Visual Studio 2010 RTM and Silverlight 4 RTM.

Added several new samples: DynamicPorts, SequentialFunction, Table, UpdateDemo

Added Diagram.NodesSource and LinksSource dependency properties, to get the effect of setting or binding the value of Diagram.Model.NodesSource and LinksSource (if the model is an ILinksModel), even though the models do not have any dependency properties

Extended Adornment DataTemplates to support Node.LocationElementName, for more complex adornments

Tool handles within Adornment templates can be any element if marked by a go:NodePanel.Figure attached property value other than “None”

Added some NodeFigures for Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)

Fixed initialization of GraphLinksModel.LinkCategoryPath to be “Category” when the LinkType is GraphLinksModelLinkData

Added OnPropertyChanged method to all predefined node data and link data classes, to help support notifying models about changes to data substructures

For Visual Studio 2010, the API reference is now integrated into Microsoft Help.

The latest changes, between 1.1.2 and 1.1.3, the released version:

Added Diagram.TemplateApplied event, for easier initialization of the DiagramPanel, such as registering an event handler for DiagramPanel.ViewportBoundsChanged or establishing a data-binding on DiagramPanel.Scale

Changed behavior when a Diagram is Unloaded: by default the Nodes and Links are removed and the selection is cleared. If you expect to reparent the Diagram within the visual tree instead of discarding it, set the new property Diagram.UnloadingClearsPartManager to false

Added DiagramPanel.CenterPart method, like the MakeVisible method, but always tries to center the part even if already visible in the viewport

Fixed bug in Route computing closest intersection point for ellipses when very close to vertical

Fixed undo/redo bug recording changes during animated layouts

Please uninstall all beta releases of GoXam, to avoid confusion.

Can you please provide the download link to 1.1.3 the link above is to

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Oops, I forgot to delete those obsolete links. Thanks for reminding me.

If you’ve ever gotten an email from us (you get a couple when you register at our site)… the download page is in that email.