GoXam diagram origin point display


Is it possible to display the origin point (0,0), on the diagram using some graphics?
I want user to know from where the origin starts, so that he can draw accordingly.
If not origin, at least the vertical Y and horizontal X axis line, as shown below would be sufficient.


Sure – just add whatever you want as unbound Nodes in your Diagram:

<go:Diagram . . .> <go:Node> <Ellipse go:Part.LayerName="Background" go:Part.Selectable="False" go:Part.LayoutId="None" go:Node.Avoidable="False" go:Part.InDiagramBounds="False" go:Part.Printable="False" go:Node.LocationSpot="Center" go:Node.Location="0 0" Width="3" Height="3" Fill="Red" /> </go:Node> . . . </go:Diagram>