GoXam + Expression Blend


I am having some problems with expression blend throwing errors that MSVC ignores. Take the simple example below :

ERROR: SelectionAdorned: must set this attached property only on the VisualElement of a Part: System.windows.Controls.Border

Basically, I comment have to remove go:Node.SelectionAdorned=“True” while editing in Blend, save, then add it back in MSVC, compile and go.

Is this a problem with Blend? MSVC? GoXam? Are there any known workarounds?


I hadn’t noticed that particular problem with Expression Blend 3.

I do frequently run into this bug: https://connect.microsoft.com/Expression/feedback/details/487959

Microsoft has already fixed this bug in Expression Blend 4 Preview.


I have the same issue with Blend 4 and the following very simple template :

<TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Data.Key}"

go:Part.SelectionAdorned=“True” />

What’s wrong ? I’m not sure this is the very same issue you gave a link to.

Thanx for your help.

I copy/pasted your template.
I’m unable to reproduce any problem with your template and with all of the others ones I have looked at in the Demo.

Could you provide more details about the error message?

If you just compile and run, everything’s fine. You have to edit the template in blend to get the error message.

Just put it in a dictionnaryResource and then right click to edit the template in the Blend resources browser.

Can you do that ?

I’m using Blend 4 + Sketchflow RC (build 4.0.20421.0)

The message is :

InvalidOperationException : ERROR : SelectionAdorned : must set this attached property only on the VisulaElement of a Part: System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock

I can reproduce PonG’s problem.

This is a very annoying design time problem with GoXam/Blend.

I agree with segfault. Really VERY annoying as the visual design for complex nodes is one the main reasons why i decided to use one of the rare WPF diagramming tools.

Thanx for letting us know if u can at least reproduce the issue.

Could you try the DLL posted in bug fix releases ?


(I guess we were posting replies at the same time.)

Your link is not good but I guess u were talking about this one :


Unfortunately, i’m just using this release.

Thanks for pointing out the broken link; I have fixed it, above.

No, I’m talking about the 1.1.7 release. See the last post in that topic.

It did solve the problem. Thanx !