GoXam link Connections locations


I have a node which is made of combination of geometry and text. Text is located outside the geometry. The node xaml contains a linkable rectangle as shown below.

Now the problem is whenever I create any link connecting between two nodes the link always starts from the outside of the symbol bounds.
This is the preview of the linkable rectangle.

When link is created. Notice that link always created on the bounds of the node.

Is there any way that link directly starts its positions with respect to the linkable rectangle which I define?

It sounds to me that you should define your port element to be that Shape with your custom geometry, the selection element, not the size of the whole node, containing the text.

Is there any other way without defining the port? I want to consider the entire perimeter of the node as connection for links. I think defining ports will fix the link to the ports and will not move along its perimeter.

Setting go:Node.PortId="" on the Path declares that it is the port element instead of the port being the whole node. Then you can decide to set the FromSpot and/or ToSpot, if you choose to control where on the port element the Link will connect.