GoXam Link Label Shape moves outside diagram bound


I have two nodes in GoXam (WPF) diagram and a link is connected to these two nodes as shown below. The link has a link label symbol which is made from graphic canvas. In xaml the link label is part of link template and not a separate node.

I have a ZoomtoFit command where, I fit the graphics to the screen. ZoomToFit code is as shown below.

public void ZoomToFit()
Panel.Stretch = StretchPolicy.Uniform;
this.Panel.Stretch = StretchPolicy.Unstretched;
Not When I call this zoomtofit command the graphics does not fit to the screen correctly. I suspect that the link label is not considered during this operation. If I place any existing node at the same place where link label is placed the diagram zooms properly.

Is there any workaround for this so that I can display the link label properly when zoomtofit is called? Or is my zoomtofit code proper?

First, a minor point: you might want to call diagram.Panel.ZoomToFit(), rather than what you have defined.

But this does seem to be a bug. We’ll investigate. Thanks for reporting the problem!

In the meantime the easiest work-around is to increase the effective size of the diagram bounds by setting Diagram.Padding to a larger Thickness that would cover that area. I don’t know how large that link label is, but I would use that width for the Thickness.Left, or perhaps a little more.

Thanks Walter for your suggestion.
Panel.Zoomtofit gives the same result.
But I tried replacing the dlls you sent me over mail and it works with Panel.ZoomtoFit.