GoXam Print problem

I have a problem with printing and GoXam. Regardless of the scale I set, I always get just part of my diagram, instead of the full diagram. For example, with the following XAML:

<go:PrintManager PageOptions=“Full” Scale=“NaN”/>


I have a print button, which I hookup like this:

// Hookup our Print Handler to the Print Button

btnPrintDiagram.Command = competencyEditorDiagram.CommandHandler.PrintCommand;

Like I said, I only get part of my diagram. Only the upper left corner is showing the partial diagram, the rest of the printed page is blank.

Do I need to set the printing paper size of something like that?


Are you using Silverlight or WPF?
What four-part version number are you using?

If you are using Silverlight, I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest:
That has some bug fixes relating to printing, although I’m not sure if your situation is covered by those fixes.

If you are using WPF, I don’t know that we know of any bugs involving printing.
Some more information would be helpful, if you could describe your diagram.

Sorry, should have mentioned the version. I am using Silverlight, version