GOXaml Link changes shape on diagram load


I have two nodes and a link connected to them, as shown below. Here I have considered entire perimeter of the node geometry as the link attachment and not defined any node/port for connecting the link. At runtime I am setting the fromspot and tospot of the link. On save I have saved all the points of the link route and when diagram is loaded I am resetting them. This works in most of the scenarios and fails only in one particular scenario. When the link is vertically upwards as show in below image.

Link shape after loading the diagram. Even though the link route points are saved.

Any idea why it is failing only in this case? Do I need to handle it some other way?

As long as you are restoring the Link.Route.Points after the layout has completed, it should work. The reason for the needed delay in setting the routes is that the Nodes are built and sized and positioned asynchronously (like everything in WPF and Silverlight), yet any of those steps will cause connected link routes to be invalidated.

I hope you have implemented everything in the same manner as many of the samples do. If you have correctly done so, I cannot explain why that would fail for one case.