Gradient link


Is it possible to create a gradient (LinearGradient) link ?
And how we can do it ?
Thank you for your help …


Are you talking about having the color change along the path of the stroke, based on distance along the stroke rather than the position of the stroke?
I don’t know of any easy solutions for that. It is relatively easy to draw each segment of a stroke of style GoStrokeStyle.Line with a different Pen. The TwoColorLink sample does this (but just with two colors, one for each half of the stroke).


I want to use a link with a gradient effect to give at this link a 3D effect. It’s to show a pipe of water.
So the color change not on the distance beetween the two ports, but the color change with the width of the link.
I hope that my sentence more illustrate the effect.
Is it possible ?


Oh, I see what you mean. I think you’d have to implement that yourself, by drawing each segment individually, including any rounded corners.
You might be able to produce a simplified effect by overriding Paint to also draw the GraphicsPath produced by GoStroke.MakePath (in version 2.2) with a Pens.White pen and an offset that results in the reflection effect that I assume you are seeking.