Graph Layout with Variations

Hi, Is there a way to achieve something like below diagram using GoJS

Major objective here is

  1. We have a requirement where one path needs to be absolutely in straight line (which will be indicated by data using some attribute). - green line in above diagram
  2. there could be other variations and sub variations of that those all should respect straight line (mentioned in 1) & start plotting them alongside, either left or right side of straight line that we have - blue lines in above diagram

I tried to achieve it using

using code below, but it is not coming any closer to what we want using config below.

layout: $(go.LayeredDigraphLayout, { direction: 90, packOption: LayeredDigraphLayout.PackStraighten })

LayeredDiagraphLayout seemd to be closest to what we are trying to achieve from documentation. what is the right way to achieve it exactly the way we want, can you please guide us on that.

Did you want something like SwimLaneLayout?
Beat Paths with Lanes for Divisions Using SwimLaneLayout
Of course you do not need to show any “lanes” if you don’t want to.