Graph Link Routing


We have the facility to Show/Hide the list group in Graph Node.
Graph Node appears like below:

when we hide list group then graph node appears like below:

but ,when we show list group then graph node appears like below:

but grpah link overlaps on graph node.

Pl. Give me some idea ,how to solve this problem.



If you move either of the nodes, does the link snap to the correct path?


After a Collapse or Expand, iterate though the links that belong to the node and call CalculateRoute() on all of them.
This shouldn't be necessary, but maybe you've done something to interrupt the normal link routing in your code.

For Collapse the List Group, we have used CollapseProperties method :

public virtual void CollapseProperties()
ScrollingListGroup gList = this.ListGroup as ScrollingListGroup;
myListGroup = null;

        this.IsPropertiesExpanded = false;

For Expand the List Group, we have used ExpandProperties method :

    public virtual void ExpandProperties()
        this.SetProperties(new ScrollingListGroup(AppUtils.GetPropertiesText(this.Properties), this.Label.Width).Copy());
        this.IsPropertiesExpanded = true;

we have donot write code any where for interrupt the normal link routing.

Did you try what I suggested? Here’s the basic code:

foreach (GoObject obj in this.Links) {
ChartLink link = obj as ChartLink;
if (link != null) {
where "this" is your node and you change ChartLink to your link type.

thanks sir