Graph Repainting not working

I am using an older version of the GoView and adding controls to it. I want to refresh the graph every time a control is added. The goView1_ControlAdded event is NEVER fired. I have a breakpoint set and it is never fired. Do I have to do something to active that event?

What is the best event to use to refreash the view after a user adds controls?

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well, you shouldn’t have to repaint to get controls to work.

Are you using GoControl?

I checked… the ControlAdded does get delivered if declared properly:

view.ControlAdded += new ControlEventHandler(view_ControlAdded);

That looks to be what was created automatically by VS.Net for the event. All of the other events get fired as expected, but not this one.

this.goView1.ControlAdded += new System.Windows.Forms.ControlEventHandler(this.goView1_ControlAdded);


void goView1_ControlAdded(object sender, ControlEventArgs e){}

All of the following work. The only one that does not is the ControlAdded event. That is never fired.

this.goView1.ObjectGotSelection += new Northwoods.Go.GoSelectionEventHandler(this.goView1_ObjectGotSelection);

this.goView1.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.goView1_Click);

this.goView1.ControlAdded += new System.Windows.Forms.ControlEventHandler(this.goView1_ControlAdded);