Grid Size (show smaller grid as large grid without changing gridcellsize)

Is it possible to achieve to show grid of smaller size as large grid without changing their dimesion.
for e.g grid of cellSize 10x10 can be shown as 50x50 ?? is it possible

I do not understand what you want.

First, did you need to have that large a screenshot in order to illustrate your issue?

Second, I still do not understand what you want. Please distinguish differences in appearances and in behaviors.

If you see above two images

  1. Grid size of 12x12
    2.Grid Size of 50x50
    output Required

Grid size of 12x12 should look like 50x50 in terms of apperance

What you are asking for is still very ambiguous. Why not set the grid cell size to 50x50? Or why not set Diagram.scale to (50/12)? Are you asking for any behavioral changes? I do not understand what the problem is.

If you keep posting unnecessarily large images that do not fit in the forum, I’m not going to be able to read the text in it, because it is shrunk to be almost illegible by the rescaling of the image by the forum software.