Group actualBounds after expand

I want to get all nodes, that overlapped by group after expand. Group expand listener return bounds before expand. How get group actual bounds after it was expanded?

That is correct – although the Group has already been put in the state of being expanded or collapsed at the time of a Group.subGraphExpandedChanged event handler or a “SubGraphExpanded” or “SubGraphCollapsed” DiagramEvent listener, the diagram won’t have measured and arranged and positioned the Group until after the layout has been validated (i.e. performed again if needed).

However, you can implement a “LayoutCompleted” DiagramEvent listener and see the new value for Group.actualBounds.

Why do you need the bounds so early?

I want move all overlapped nodes away from group bounds.

That sounds like the responsibility of the layout (Diagram.layout for top-level Groups, Group.layout for nested Groups).