Group connections by type

Dear GoXam User

I am looking for a idea how to group connections together. My tree looks current like the GoWPF Demo : Local View.
But in my case i have different type of connections and i would like to group and name them together. All connections should start at the bottom of a node and connect the child nodes. They are a variety of connection types to group/name and known first on runtime, would be nice to set them dynamic in the code behind.

Thx for your suggestions and ideas.



You can specify a particular value for the Link.Route.FromSpot (assuming in your example that the links go from the top node to each of the bottom nodes). You would have the value be one value for the link you have labeled as “Connection Type 2”, and you would have a different value for all of the “Connection Type 1” links. But all of those “Connection Type 1” links would have the same FromSpot value.

The Link.Route.FromSpot value, if not Spot.Default, takes precedence over the go:Node.FromSpot attached property value that is at the port/node.