Group Display problem


I create my diagram based on planogram sample, but the problem is excatly in the middle of the diagram (both horizontal and vertical ) a line is seen. How do i remove this one? This line is visible for other group also( for eg look at the LightCyan area ).

The DataTemplate for the group is

please send your opinion


I’m pretty confident that the line is actually there – it’s just that you can’t see it because WPF’s drawing of sub-pixel lines happens to cause that artifact.

You can confirm that by looking at the Path.Geometry, to make sure it really does have all of those lines.

You could try using a bigger value for StrokeThickness.

Hi Walter,

Yes you are correct , i solved that by issue by setting UseLayoutRounding

Thanks for your support


OK, that property can help.

But be aware that changing the scale (i.e. zooming out) will cause those artifacts to happen again, probably in different manners than what you have seen so far.