Group location problem in relation with LocationSp

GoXam V


I have a problem of group location inside another group when LocationSpot of group is “Center”. The child group is no more completely inside the parent group.

I can reproduce the behaviour in the “LocalExpand” sample:

Just Add ‘go:Node.LocationSpot=“Center”’ to the Border element of the GroupTemplate.

Then look at the location of the Group 1a inside the Group 1.




That’s odd – I thought the implementation enforced the LocationSpot of a Group using a GroupPanel to be “TopLeft”. Apparently not.

Anyway, that’s a limitation/restriction of GroupPanel.

Well … ok.

The goal using go:Node.LocationSpot=“Center” with GridSnapEnabled=“True” was to let the user easily have straights (horizontal or vertical)links between nodes of different sizes.

Have you some advise to achieve this goal ?


We’ll remove this restriction in the next bug fix release, 1.2.6.