Like in MS Visio, how can we make the grouping and ungrouping of Gonodes and Golinks?. I am using GoDiagram Express.

GoDiagram Express doesn’t support that. GoDiagram Win does, and has lots of examples.

GoDiagram Web and GoDiagram Pocket also support that functionality, and much more, just as GoDiagram Win does.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please point out or list the samples for this kind of grouping/ungrouping feature.
In that case I can try the sample and than upgrade my copy of Godiagram express to Win version.

Well, the GroupSelection, MakeSubGraphSelection, and UngroupSelection methods in Demo1 demonstrate that. As do some similar methods in SubGraphApp.

Basically, look for calls to either GoGroup.AddCollection or GoLayer.AddCollection (the latter for ungrouping to separate top-level objects).