GroupTemplate and updating inner nodes

I am having a strange challenge that I haven’t been able to sort out. Sorry, I am new to this, so I might not have the right “words” to describe the issue.

I currently have a group template that uses a GroupPanel to house some data. The group template is basically a border with some buttons/image and then the GroupPanel, all inside a grid, which is inside the border. There is a MinWidth applied to this border, but nothing else has these “guides”. Nothing too crazy. The data within that is just a border with a text block. For this data, the TextBlock.Text is bound to the Data.Text.

It is hard for me to show the code because there are a few things happening at once (sorry), but my problem stems from updating the Data.Text. I can see in debug mode that the Data.Text is being updated properly (and I am starting/committing the transaction), however if the length of the text is too long for the original shape, the TextBlock.Text is not getting updated. As soon as I click on its group, and drag it around, the text gets updated to the longer version.

This phenomenon only happens when the text is too long for the border (not sure if this is related to the border of the GroupTemplate or the data). If it is relatively short, the update is instantaneous. As soon as I make it too long, this happens. Once it happens, and i change it to something shorter, the phenomenon persists until the next drag/update and then it works again for short updates.

Do you have any tips so I can tell the Group/Diagram/anything to update after a change and make sure that the user sees visually that the change has been made?

Thanks for your help!


Sorry about that – it’s a regression we introduced while trying to fix a bug. What version of .NET are you targeting? I have a newer DLL that you can try.

I am targeting .NET 4.5.


Thanks for sending the new DLL. It worked great!