Handle Horizontal scroll bar event


Is there any way to handle horizontal scroll bar event other than GoView.PropertyChanged event?

There’s a lot of ways the view can get scrolled. Catching that event is the best way to catch them all.

What are you trying to do?

Can you provide me by catching which event handler view can get scrolled other than GoView.PropertyChanged?

Can you provide me a short example?

Not other events, other actions. Various things can set GoView.DocPosition.

Any code that sets DocExtentCenter, ScrollRectangleToVisible, ScrollPage, ScrollLine, RescaleToFit, RescaleWithCenter. User actions like dragging a node, zooming, arrowkeys...
You can override GoView.DocPosition to catch them all... maybe that's what you're looking for, but we have tried to design GoDiagram so that you don't have to subclass GoView.