Handle link removed event

When I want add a link to diagram, I catch this action with the LinkDrawn. When I want to relink a link, I catch the LinkRelinked event. Is there a way to be notify when a link is removed from the diagram other than in ModelChanged when ModelChange = RemoveLink. Because when a link is relink, it calls ModelChanged.ModelChange=RemoveLink follow by ModelChanged.ModelChange=AddedLink. And I need a way to differentiate real removed from a relinked.

When relinking, if you have a GraphLinksModel, the link data is modified.
If you have a GraphModel or TreeModel, there’s no choice but to remove the old node reference in the node and replace it with a reference to the new node.

You could see if the Diagram.CurrentTool is a RelinkingTool or not.

Thank for the tip!