hello,I set the node to get the input node, and then ContextMenu went wrong, and reported nodeCur.findLinksInto is not a function

This is the code,I don’t know why it’s going to have an impact,

Could you check that nodeCur is in fact an instance of a Node?

yes,NodeCur.findLinksInto does not report errors when clicking the node, and the nodeCur.findLinksInto value is also normal, that is, when you click ContextMenu, you will report the error.

How is workbenchGotop defined?

It was wrong before the workbenchGotop function;MakeMenuItem feels no execution

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the situation that you have, what is happening, and what you want to happen instead.

Have you re-read GoJS Context Menus -- Northwoods Software ?