Hi, workflow showing wrong

i have some workflows working well like this:

but this in particular are not working, its a big workflow

what can be wrong?

i have this libraries


thanks you very much guys

For the diagram that looks bad, did you just load a model?

If so, how many nodes are there? (Just evaluate myDiagram.nodes.count.)

If there is more than one node, please look at the model data and make sure that there is a “loc” property on each node data object, and that they all have reasonable (and different!) values.

If there is only one node, does the model (in JSON format) only have one node? Basically – check the model data carefully and make sure it has all of the data that you are expecting, and that all of those data property values are as expected.

hi, thanks you very much for your response,
i check the things that you told me and the thada are coming well with the loc property . i have 83 nodes.

now the error on console are on line 1722


so, i go to the line of the error and i did this


i change the function to directly “false” and its work

(i have v1.8.10 version of the js, and i cant update because it is in a producction system)

maybe its a bug of the previous version i dont know, but i post this to help another guy who has the same problem.

thanks community

Apparently the code is dealing with a Link that does not have a Link.fromNode, and not handling the case where that property is null.

It would be more compatible to change the code to be:

var n=m.lc===a.port||(m.W&&m.W.oi(e)),

Thanks for the bug report.

EDIT: Apparently we have already fixed this bug. The bug fix is in version 1.8.19.