Highlight all allowed ports


Is there a way to highlight all allowed ports to connect when starting a link from a node to another using the linkingTool ?


Here is what i’m trying to do… Highlight all ports where it’s allow to connect a link.

The two magenta port highlight objects that you see during a linking operation are actually the LinkingBaseTool.TemporaryFromPort and .TemporaryToPort. There are only two of them, one for each end of the .TemporaryLink.

But you could do what the FlowChart sample does – change the appearance of the actual port objects. Note how the custom MyLinkingTool overrides DoStart and DoStop. Instead of blindly making all ports on all nodes “highlighted”, you can do it selectively on each port of all nodes if IsValidLink returns true. One change is that the FlowChart code uses the Node.Tag property, which is data bound by the port definitions – you’ll need to do something on each port element, not just one property for the whole node.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I didn’t see the sample FlowChart, that’s help.