Highlight connection when selecting a detailed node

If user select a node in Call Graph, please change the connection color according to call by and call to.

Change color for other path of nodes.

Please refer attachment.

I tried to get solution but could not successfully.

Please help on this topic.

I am not able to upload attachments . I re-login but could not success. Please check .

Have you read GoJS Highlighting -- Northwoods Software ?

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Hi Team,

I searched above link as mentioned in your reply . But My requirement is different I want to highlight node in different style… I attached screen shot for your reference.

That looks like when the Node or Link is not highlighted it has opacity set or bound to 0.5 or something like that.

You can see link connection color also changed in images … Please give me some referenes.

When nothing is highlighted did you want everything to appear normal, not translucent?

As mentioned in Image … I want to change color according with blue and green when Node is selected.

OK, but when nothing is selected how should all of the nodes and links look?

When a node is selected, which nodes and links should appear blue and which ones should appear green?

What should happen when the user selects multiple nodes? Or when they select links?

When a node is selected then that node will green …
Backward node’s links from selected node will be in blue and forward node’s links will be in green.
Only one node will select one time. as mentioned in image.

Here you go: Highlight Chains