Highlight getting left behind

I have some Nodes in a view and the user can modify attributes of them from a sidebar. After it is modified the node redraws itself in case there is an update of the apperance. the problem I am having is that the highlight around the node gets stuck there. So if i move the node the highlight rectangle stays there. why is this happening? and what should be done to fix it?

Do the selection handles get drawn correctly if you de-select the node and then re-select it?
In other words, is the problem just a matter of the selection handles not updating all the times that relevant changes occur programmatically?
Basically you’ll want to call GoObject.AddSelectionHandles on the object (the GoObject.SelectionObject) that actually gets the selection handles.
aNode.SelectionObject.AddSelectionHandles(goView1.Selection, aNode)
Presumably the node (aNode) is what is actually selected, and thus appears in the GoView.Selection collection. The GoObject.SelectionObject will be the GoBasicNode’s Shape or the GoIconicNode/GoSimpleNode/GoGeneralNode’s Icon.
More background info: However for some nodes or for simple objects the GoObject.SelectionObject will just be the selected object itself. Then the selection handles are created for the whole selected object, not just a part of it.

Sorry I wasn’t more descriptive. deselecting and reselecting the node works fine so does resizing and moving. and the selection handles are still on the node after it’s been changed, theres just a leftover rectangle on the view where the object was when i changed it.