Highlight selected GoText among overlapping GoText

I have placed GoText objects by setting its property TransparentBackground = false.
So among all overlapping GoText objects, atleast one can be readable.
But requirement is that if you select any Gotext which is not properly readable among overlapping objects,
the selected Gotext shoold be highlighted or should be readable properly.
Please reply as soon as possible.

You have a partially obscured text, and when it is selected, you want it to “pop” to the top so you can see the whole thing? Is that right?

Just remove the selected text from the group or layer that it’s a member of, and put it back in at the end of the list. (the last thing in the list is drawn last, so it ends up on top of everything else.)

Instead of calling Remove and Add, it’s probably better to call GoGroup.InsertAfter. You can pass the null/Nothing value as the first argument to InsertAfter to indicate that you want the text object to go to the “end” of the list, so that it appears “in front” of all of the other children of the same group.