Highlighting objects connected to the node on mouse hover

I am trying to highlight the parent and child node on mouse hover on a particular node… I have created NodeData and LinkData array and using ‘loc’ for specific positions… I want to make sure that when i hover mouse on a specific node… It should highlight all the connected nodes to the specific object… I can see the highlighted nodes… but not the data.

This talks about highlighting connected Node’s and Links: GoJS Highlighting -- Northwoods Software

You will want to use mouseHover instead of mouseEnter or click as those samples do to determine the Diagram.highlighteds collection.

Hi Walter , Imagine I am hovering on Country Head , I want to highlight the CEO (object) as well as Solution Architect… as the node connects to both… I was able to highlight the node but not the object… I would be glad if you can help me out… as I already went through the highlighting part… of the tutorials