Horizonal Scrollbar issue when direction is RTL

Hi All,

I am using GoJS organization chart in multilingual site. So for Arabic language we are using direction = “RTL” in CSS.

So when this style is applied at that time horizontal scroll bar is not working.

Note: This issue occurs only in Firefox. For Chrome, IE and Safari it is working perfect.

I see what you mean. We’ll investigate and get back to you.

This looks like a mismatch in all browsers - they all do something different: Re: [cssom-view] value of scrollLeft in RTL situations is completely busted across browsers from Robert O'Callahan on 2014-04-15 (www-style@w3.org from April 2014)

We don’t currently handle this difference, but we will try to in a future version.

We have made a workaround for this that will appear in the next release of 1.6. It will be released in about a week or so.

Okay. Thanks a lot.

1.6.16 is up at beta:


Could you give it a try in your app and confirm that the issue is fixed?

Hi Simon,

I tried the new version. But the issue is still there.
Even in your example:

When you add direction = ‘rtl’ in ‘myDiagramDiv’ div then horizontal scroll is not workin in FF.
I also noted then when scoll, then after some time, the text content is scrolled to some extent but the background rectangles did’t scrolled.

Please do needful.

I see what you mean. I’ll have a look and get back to you.

Sorry, we missed something before release. We have re-uploaded, can you refresh the page/file and try again and see if it solves the issue for you:



Still the same issue is there. Not working in my application and also in default example list.

Are you sure you got the latest and not a cached version?

Here’s an example using RTL now:

Try dragging one node off screen then using the scrollbars.

It works in all three browsers for me, except one bug with the initial position of the scrollbar in Firefox, which I cannot seem to fix.


Yea I am sure am not using cached version. In the given demo it is working. But here I have sent the video from your examples in which it is not working. The same scenario is in my case.

I have sent mail to your email id simon as this site was only allowing me to upload image files.

Please use gojs at our domain, nwoods.com, for GoJS issues. We’ll continue this via email.

1.6.16 has been released, which has better RTL support for scrollbars.

You still must set the direction: rtl on the DIV before the Diagram is created, for it to be considered an RTL diagram.