Horizontal palette with auto-wrap and vertical scrollbar


the default vertical palette wraps automatically: Usually, the nodes are displayed in one column with a vertical scrollbar if necessary:

However if the nodes are small enough they are automatically wrapped into two columns:

Can I set the same behaviour for a horizontal palette?
LIke this, but the nodes should only wrap into a new row if there is enough vertical space, else the palette should show a horizontal scrollbar.

Setting wrappingWidth to a large value (as suggested here) doesn’t work because the nodes are never wrapped into a new row then, even if they would fit into the container.

GridLayout only arranges in rows. It does not arrange in columns. Hence the Palette will normally only have a vertical scrollbar if there isn’t enough room.

Maybe you could use PackedLayout, but I suspect that won’t do what you want either.

You might be best off by implementing your own Layout.