Horizontal Scroll bar disabled


My requirement is like to show the preview when user select any item from list.
In preview we are loading all the diagram which we have created already.
But problem is here I’m setting IsEnable = false in xaml because user have to see only preview. he can not edit the diagram(which can be possible while making IsEnable = true).

So tell me how to enable horizontal scroll bar because It’s disabling all the part including scroll bar. Only diagram should disable.

Instead, try setting Diagram.IsReadOnly to true.

I have used the grid to show diagram. When I’m doing IsEnable = false entire user control are disabled where diagram shows as preview.
When I’m setting IsReadonly = true still I’m able to edit the diagram but horizontal scroll bar is working fine.

You can edit the diagram when Diagram.IsReadOnly is true? That is surprising. The user should not be able to drag or delete or insert Nodes or Links.

In case you want more specific control over what the user can do, please read the “User Permissions” section of the GoXamIntro.pdf document.