Host Control Name JavaScript Parameter


I have a GoView control, named MyView, along with some HTML buttons, that call the Go JavaScript methods, on a web user control named MyControl. My problem is that I need to supply the id of the GoView control as one of the parameters passed to the Go JavaScript methods, but I do not know what id will be assigned to MyControl when it is used on another control or page. If I code the ascx with something like onclick=“goAction(‘delete’, ‘MyControl1_MyView’)”, I am forcing whoever uses MyControl to assign an id of MyControl1. Is there an alternative to using the JavaScript methods where I can use a server side event handler for the button’s Click event and call the appropriate GoObject method to perform the desired action? I am interested in the following actions:
onclick="goAction(‘selectall’, ‘MyView’)"


The lists presented in the section on Server-Side Event Handling in GoWebIntro.doc tells you which methods are called. These JavaScript functions are provided for convenience, and allow for the possibility of doing “NoPost” updates of the image, if you set GoView.NoPost on the server or the “goNoPost” property on the IMG element in the client.
The table on page 96 of the User Guide, describing Keyboard Commands, may also be informative.


Thank you.