How add Vertical Line

GoSilverlight V1224
I used SubGraphModel
I want to add vertical line
How to add it.

Just use whatever XAML you need. One possibility:

<StackPanel go:Node.LocationSpot="TopCenter"> <Line X1="0" Y1="0" X2="0" Y2="150" Stroke="Salmon" StrokeThickness="2" HorizontalAlignment="Center" /> <TextBlock Text="2011-12-13" Foreground="Salmon" HorizontalAlignment="Center" /> </StackPanel>
If you want a variable number of these to be data-bound to data in your model, just put this XAML in a DataTemplate that you put into a DataTemplateDictionary as your Diagram.NodeTemplateDictionary.

If you just want one of these and not have it be part of your model, wrap this XAML in a go:Node and add it to your Diagram.PartsModel. Read the GoXamIntro.pdf about unbound nodes.

Thanks walter

Some times vertical line displayed on background
How to set always stay on top front


You might also want to consider other things, such as:

if you are using Diagram.Layout

if you don’t want users to play with the line

go:Node.Avoidable=“False” if you have links with Route.Routing=“AvoidsNodes” and want to ignore the line

if you don’t want the line to be considered in determining the Diagram.Panel.DiagramBounds

… and maybe other properties, depending on how you want the line to behave.

Dear walter.
I'm not solve it.
I used SubGraphModel
Could you tell me another example ?


will definitely put that Part in front of anything that is in the default layer.
The kind of model does not matter.