How can i create this shapes in gojs

How can i create this shapes in gojs…


If it’s a fixed (but possibly scaled) geometry, you just need to create a Geometry. I suggest that you read GoJS Geometry Path Strings -- Northwoods Software.

OR if it’s a parameterized geometry that you need to create, based on one or two numbers, then you might want to define a new figure, as you can see in You’ll want to build up the Geometry programmatically, which means learning to use:
Geometry | GoJS API
PathFigure | GoJS API
PathSegment | GoJS API

OR if it is completely flexible at run-time, you might also want to build the Geometry programmatically, but create a new one whenever circumstances change. This is demonstrated by various charts that automatically create the desired Geometry based on various data properties:

See how they bind Shape.geometry to the data via a conversion function.