How can I keep the user from resizing a text editor?


I have a simple editable TextBlock. The user can click on it to get it into edit mode, and the default editor has a little drag handle that can be used to resize the editor. I’d like to keep the user from doing this, since it exposes the content of the text under the editor. I tried looking at the TextEditingTool examples and didn’t see anything that seemed relevant. How can I remove the resizing capability of the editor?


Here’s a simple fiddle: How to forbid resizing of the text editor? - JSFiddle - Code Playground

There’s a complete re-implementation of the built-in text editor here, if you want to customize it: HTMLInfo Text Editor

However, you can probably get away with just editing some CSS:

#myDiagram textarea {
    resize: none;

assuming your Diagram DIV’s ID is myDiagram.

Excellent, the css is a perfect option. Thanks!