How can I make GoView use GoLabeledLinks?

I seems out of the box it uses GoLink’s
Is there a way to make it use GoLabeledLink’s as default?
The examples are a bit confusing to me as they are probaly from a time gefore GoLabeledLink existed, as they seem to wrap everyithing in their own GraphView class.
Thanks Yet again - Im getting there though have a working C++ with all the funcitons of protoAppp etc :¬)


I realy need to search the forum more
the answer was in there
Im only posting the C++ solution i found in case it helps some other c++ person another day
GoLabeledLink *l=new GoLabeledLink();
There is probaly a better way to get the type of the class but im in pointerland and confused most of the time :)

Furthermore in version 2.3 we have generalized this by replacing the GoView.NewLinkClass property with the GoView.NewLinkPrototype property. (For compatibility setting the NewLinkClass property just creates an instance of that class and then sets NewLinkPrototype.)
For the most common cases where the NewLinkPrototype is a GoLink, you can refer to that GoLink by using the GoView.NewGoLink property. This makes it easier to specify initial properties for newly drawn links. And for the most common cases where the NewLinkPrototype is a GoLabeledLink, you can refer to that GoLabeledLink by using the GoView.NewGoLabeledLink property.
Thanks for posting answers you find, even duplicates. You’re quite right that you never know when the particular way you answer a question might make it easier for someone else to find it, such as using C++ syntax.