How can I make the diagram stop flicking?

I have a GoView in my ASP.NET 1.1 web page. The display is correct, but everytime I click in the diagram (on a node or not, so anywhere), it flicks, probably due to the postback… It desapears for 1 to 3 seconds each time. It does this even if there is only one node in the diagram. Is there a way I can prevent this behavior?

Well, that depends on whether or not you need to do a postback.
You need to do a postback if the generation of the page depends on the state of the GoView. That’s common if you want to display different information depending on what’s selected–for example details for the currently selected node, or various operations depending on the type or number of selected objects.
But if it doesn’t require a postback, set GoView.NoPost to true, and only that image will be regenerated and reloaded. Read the GoWebIntro.doc for more information.

Yes I need to do a postback, but only in one state. I have two state, 1) design 2)navigation device. So I set the nopost to true for design and I set it to false for navigation. It works, but the postback this is still a bit annoying, but if it’s not possible to do without it, it will be ok.

(I think you got the polarity reversed on the values for GoView.NoPost.)
The next version will have support for more client-side functionality, although there is a limit to what you can do when you assume you cannot compose images on the client.
But even now in design mode you might want to temporarily set the element’s goNoPost property to true when you know the operation doesn’t require server-generated changes to the Page.