How can I make the sequence diagram in GoXam?

For the Diagrams and Graphs and Charts you want to create
•Dataflow and worflow diagrams
•Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
•Control Flow diagrams
•Entity Relationship
•Data Structure Diagrams

•Sequence Diagrams

•Use Case Diagrams
•Tree diagrams (and Family trees)
•Network diagrams
•Mind maps
•Smart grid diagrams
•Social network diagrams
•Organization Charts
•Directed and Undirected graphs of all types
•Drawing programs

I found that GoXam has Sequence Diagrams but I cant find it.
Is there any sample codes or references in GoXam?

I don’t think that we have ported that sample to GoXam. If you give us some time, I hope that we can do that for you.

Yes, please~
Thank you

Sequence Diagram is a new sample in the 2.1 beta kit, which I just announced.