How do I add an icon where link connects?

I want to add an icon where a link connects to a node. As shown below:

When a parent node has multiple child nodes, I need an icon that can only display but not click on the nodes where their link branches are separated.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much!

Is that circular gray “Set Batch Start Time” a Node?

I suppose you could have a link label that was only visible on the last of multiple links coming out of or going into a node.

Or you could implement it as a decoration on each node that is visible only when there are multiple links coming out of the node; and another one for when there are multiple links coming into a node. The advantage of this is that if you put all of the links in a background layer, you can be sure that the decoration will be in front of all links. A minor disadvantage is that you would need to provide a Layout.boundsComputation so that whatever layout you are using treats each node as being only the size that they are now, without those decorations.