How do I group node across the lane


I use PoolLayout. ( )

I want group nodes like this.

I think this layout needs to “group layout”.


The PoolLayout is reponsible for arranging the “lanes” next to each other, with the same lengths. Each “lane” is implemented by a Group.

The PoolLayout is not responsible for positioning the nodes within the lanes/groups.

In the Swim Lanes samples, each lane/group has its own Group.layout that is responsible for positioning the nodes within the lane. Those samples use LayeredDigraphLayout, but the Kanban sample uses GridLayout.

I am guessing that you want to use a special layout that keeps nodes in their assigned lanes, but still positions the nodes vertically relative to each other when there is any relationship (perhaps indirect) defined by links.

I think I have an example of that. Let me look for it or develop it anew for you, please.


Ah, I found it: Alignment of nodes in Swimlane

Basically, if you have seen the Beat Paths sample,, the same model has been augmented by having each node know which lane it belongs in by assigning each node to a group.

That results in this sample:

That sample actually organizes the data into two different ways – either into 8 groups/lanes, or into 2 groups/lanes.

You just need to add the groups (lanes) to your model data, and assign each node to a group (lane). Then use the SwimLaneLayout instead of a regular LayeredDigraphLayout. The complete implementation is on that sample page.