How Go graphical could solve my problem

hi there
i wrote my question in codeproject site
address is here:
i want to know how Go Graphical component could help meOuch

Just looking at, it would be pretty simple to do.

I’ll see if I have the time to throw a quick sample together.

Do you want it to look pretty much like that wiki picture?

How does this look?

Project here

VS2010, GoDiagram 4.2, .NET 4.0

2 buttons in the button bar: first one adds the sample graph above. Second one just does a “layout”

the nodes aren’t sorted by TreeLayout (by default) so adding them to the document in the order you want them is important.

I’ve left traversing your structure and doing the “AddNode” calls as a “to do” for you.

i dont know how to thank you Cry
thanks a millionClap

i fall into the trouble again. in fact im under my client pressure and of course i want to have nice example into my own project
here is my project :
would you please to do the rest of my project?

ah… no. It was an interesting graph, so it was worth an hour of my time to do a sample. But that’s all I have time for. Tell your professor you need more time.

Thank you finishing my project is a good sample Wink
tomorrow afternoon my time will be over

thank you

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