How hide border in palette

Hi, i need change border color o hide it in palette control,

can somebody tell me how?


Are you asking about the border of the Diagram (or Palette, which is a Diagram), or the border of a Node?

For nodes, just set the Border.BorderBrush. You can also set its BorderThickness and Background, too.

For diagrams, you can set the Diagram.BorderBrush (and .BorderThickness and .Background). If you look at the default ControlTemplate that is defined in Generic.XAML (there’s a copy in the docs subdirectory of the installation), you can see how these are used to initialize the diagram’s Border.

Thanks for your help.

In reality the edge was appeared in Palette control, was from ScrollViewer, So while changing BorderBrush, the edge always remained.

I copy the default template and change de Background of ScrollViewer.

Thanks Walter