How link text in gojs tournament diagram

I use gojs tournament digram, but I can’t active text on box

visit GoJS/tournament.html at master · NorthwoodsSoftware/GoJS · GitHub

visit Tournament

there are some inputs like Adler,Pollock,… in line 161

It must go to a specific link ,but it’s not working
What should i do?

I’m not sure I know what you want. Could you provide a screenshot of what you’d like to change?

Do you want the text to be links? Demo of HyperlinkText Builder

I have this script and i want to click on any box and redirect this to other page

like this:
this is

can i find you in whatsapp or other social apps?

Ok, you can do as I said and make those textblocks into hyperlinks like demonstrated by the HyperLink extension.