How locate a node in a virtualizing panel


I’m actually working on a diagram like a combination of LocalView And Virtualizing panel (examples in Goxam Installation path); And i added a combobox containing list of diagram nodes, and a command button to locate the selected node in the combox, like the method FocusOn in LocalView example, this
work fine when the searched node is onscreen (in the virtualized diagram), but not work elsewhere.

How i can scroll and search a node by command in a virtualized diagram

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Yes, when there is virtualization, the Node might not exist if it is outside of the viewport. So one cannot call Diagram.Panel.CenterPart or .MakeVisible. And obviously one cannot even select a Node if it does not exist.

But the node data must exist in the model and it must have location information. So you just need to find that node data in the model and then call Diagram.Panel.CenterRect.

Very good, it work
Thank you very muchClap