How set location of groups

I want to set different location for groups. how to achieve it? Also want location of nodes inside of groups after loading nodes

The Group class inherits from the Node class, so you can set or bind either the Group.location or the Group.position property, just as you can for all regular Nodes.

However, if you have implemented a Group to use a Placeholder, the Group’s location is automatically determined by the union of the bounds of all of its member nodes (plus some optional padding). Moving a member node may automatically cause the group to change size and/or move. I don’t know what you behaviors you want to achieve, so I cannot make any particular recommendations yet.

By the way, in our earlier e-mails, it seems that you never replied saying whether our answers satisfied your questions. I hope those situations were addressed adequately.

This is not helpful for me. I want set position of groups in canvas not for nodes.
kindly help for that.

My reply specifically told you to set or bind the Group.location or Group.position. What’s your problem?

Or maybe you want to call Group.move() to change the position of a group and all of its member nodes and links.

I cannot tell what you want to accomplish. What did you do, what results did you get, and how do they differ from what you want?

However my problem is resolved. I have removed group layout and set location manually. Thanks for reply

I am using group and my location is not structured .
i am adding to table.In starting its location remains fixed.

On adding column data goes in Selected Column .
But now adding another column selected column goes down like this.
What to do so that position of selected column remains fixed.

Above problem resolved

No problem is not resolved sorry.Please give solution

Does your question have anything to do with the left side of your screenshots? If not, why are you showing them?

Thank you for at least showing before and after screenshots. It appears that either the node has moved position or the diagram has scrolled. I cannot tell which. Look at the Group.position and at the Diagram.location to determine which has changed.

Does your Group have a Placeholder?

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