How should I get subnetworks

hi walter

The nodes overlapped,and the effect of display is not good.
So I want to use my Custom Layout with my layout algorithm.
how should I get subnetworks from ForceDirectedNetworks??

You can get the current network via the ForceDirectedLayout.Network property, on which you can call SplitIntoSubNetworks.

However for ForceDirectedLayout, if the nodes start with unassigned locations or if many overlap each other, it will call ForceDirectedLayout.ArrangeConnectedGraphs, the results of SplitIntoSubNetworks will be passed to that method.

Have any sample?

Not at this time; in a couple weeks I’ll have time to work on this.

Networks getting null.

How to initialise GenericNetwok?? and Parameter V,E and Y unable to set for method SplitIntoSubNetworks.

public IEnumerator SplitIntoSubNetworks() where G : GenericNetwork<V, E, Y>, new();