How to add fishtail to fishbone layout

For the fishbone diagram, I want to implement a function. For the fish head, I can change the root node image to achieve, but how to achieve the fish tail. Fish head and tail are displayed on a line.How should I do it. Please help me, thank you!!

I would add that as a special node with its Part.isLayoutPositioned property set to false. Then in the override of FishboneLayout.commitNodes, after the super call, position that special node where you want it to be. You know the Y location already. I’m not sure about the X location. You could look at the bounds of all of the other nodes and make sure it is just to the left of those.

Thank you for your answer. Can you provide a demo for me to refer to, because I’m a beginner and I don’t know much about some parts. Thank you very much!