How to allow users to choose page setup?

We want to allow users to choose page size and orientation. Then we want to scale our printing to fit those settings. We used the .Net PageSetupDialog to allow the user to set the page to 11 by 17 Landscape. PageSetupDialog setup = new PageSetupDialog(); if(setup.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) settings = setup.PageSettings;

Console.WriteLine(“setting {0}, {1}”, settings.PaperSize.ToString(), settings.Landscape);

shows this:

setting [PaperSize 11x17 Kind=Standard11x17 Height=1700 Width=1100], True

But when we then call GoDiagram’s print preview, we see an 8.5 by 11 page

Q1. What is the recommended approach ?

Q2. Do we need to work with the PrintDocument object used by the GoView? If so, how can we get a reference to the PrintDocument?

Check out GoView.PrintShowDialog and PrintPreviewShowDialog, which allow you to modify the PrintDocument before doing the standard behavior, or just return DialogResult.OK, or whatever.