How to avoid flickering

Hi Guys,

We have a Go diagram with lots of nodes being organized by go layout component. Problem is that sometimes it takes time to re-organize the nodes and it doesn't look 'smooth' to the end user. My question is: Can I suspend the rendering until the node organize is complete and only then send a refresh (render) command?
Hope my question was clear.
Thank you,
Adi Barda

Not really clear. We double buffer output, so flickering shouldn’t be a problem. What layout are you using?

maybe flickering is not the correct word. Take a look at the pictures below: 1 the initial state of the graph

2. the user click on the 'condition4' collapse button - then, we activate the layout component (GoLayoutLayeredDigraphNetwork). the flickering happens
3. After a fraction of a second when the layout component finish its work, everything look fine
now, we want to avoid the end user from seeing this 'flickering'.
Is there a way to do that?

Do you have an Application.DoEvents in there some where?