How to avoid overlap of group label with member nodes?

thanks for support me . i have a question . Now i want to move down KO136RTB… of groups . please support me

this is my code

I assume your code is part of the definition of your group template.

You do not show what the TextBlock is in. It must be in some Panel, but I don’t know what kind of Panel, nor what properties it has, nor what other elements there are within the Panel.

Is the TextBlock another element of an “Auto” Panel that is holding the group’s Placeholder? If so, you can set the Placeholder.padding to a Margin value that leaves room on the top and on the bottom for your labels, and on the top for the “SubGraphExpanderButton”. That would prevent any overlap between member Nodes and the labels or button of the Group.

Oh, the TextBlock.margin might not be having any effect until the group becomes short.