How to bind dynamic value to process editor


I am trying to add real-time value in production process editor for node data and link data as well,It is displaying text property in json i tried with other keyword but it dooesn’t work.

It is good that you are showing your model data.

I see that you have added some properties on the node data. Now you need to augment the node template with a TextBlock (which you seem to have done) that has a data Binding (which you still need) from the “value” property on the data to the “text” property on that Textbook.

    $(go.TextBlock, ...,
      new go.Binding("text", "value"))

For the pipes (Links), you also need to add a TextBlock with a data Binding, but you also need to add a data property on the link data objects in the model.

Thanks @walter. Its working fine